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Flying into Motorsports: My Journey into Motorsports with Aerial Video in Kansas City Metro.

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Motorsports and drones - two worlds that may seem miles apart, but for me, they collided in a thrilling adventure that transformed my drone business. It all started with a chance encounter, a racing enthusiast friend, and a little bit of serendipity.

A Friend's Need for Speed

My passion for drones and aerial photography had led me down a creative path, capturing breathtaking landscapes and cinematic moments. Little did I know that my journey was about to take an unexpected turn. An acquaintance of mine was an brand new dirt track driver. One day I asked his crew members to try to find out who I needed to speak to to get into the speedway with the drone. That person was excited to have some drone content as she was a video creator at the track. So the owner of the track gave me permission to start videoing the races with my drone.

The Gateway: Electric City Speedway

With my curiosity piqued and a drone in tow, I embarked on this thrilling journey. My friend introduced me to a pivotal contact at Electric City Speedway in Butler, Missouri. This new re-modeled, and rescued from abandonment, dirt track racing venue was the perfect place to debut my aerial photography and videography business in the heart of the motorsports world.

Taking Off at the Speedway

As I launched my drone into the skies above Electric City Speedway for the first time, I felt a rush of excitement. The roar of the engines, the billowing dust clouds, and the high-speed action became a canvas for my drone to capture. The results were nothing short of spectacular - dynamic shots and breathtaking footage that truly captured the essence of dirt track racing. Take a look at the very first video I created with my drone in collaboration with Electric City Speedway, Butler Missouri.

Motorsports Meets Aerial Artistry

Word quickly spread about the unique perspective I was providing to the motorsports scene. Soon, I had a small following of subscribers and followers, not only from Electric City Speedway but from various other racing events across the Kansas City Metropolitan area. My drone business had found a small niche, specializing in Aerial Photography and Videography for motorsports enthusiasts and events. I began calling other venues and offering my services. Every one of them welcomed me and my drones with open arms. Some of the venues included:

I-70 Motorsports Park, Odessa Missouri

Humboldt Speedway, 81 Speedway, Park City Kansas. Humboldt Kansas.

US-36 Raceway Osborn, Missouri.

A World of Opportunity

The motorsports scene opened doors to countless opportunities. From capturing the intensity of mud drag races to the elegance of 4 wheelers and off road vehicles soaring in the air over massive jumps, my drone business has soared to new heights. Motorsports fans and organizers alike appreciated the fresh and dynamic content I was bringing to the table.

Kansas City and Beyond

Today, my drone business proudly provides Aerial Photography in the Kansas City Metropolitan area but also Aerial Video services to Kansas City Metro and motorsports events all over the region. What began as a chance encounter with a friend's passion for racing has blossomed into a big part of my business and passion for flying drones, It brings great excitement to be showcasing the thrilling world of motorsports from above with my business.

In Conclusion

My journey into motorsports with my drone business has been a remarkable ride, blending technology and adrenaline in perfect harmony. Thanks to a friend's introduction, Electric City Speedway became my launching pad into a world of excitement and opportunity. As I continue to capture the essence of motorsports from the sky, I can't help but marvel at how these two worlds, initially so distant, have come together to create something truly spectacular.

Be sure to check out the entire gallery of motorsports action captured from the sky.

All the videos I have created can be viewed on my YouTube Channel.

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