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Drone Photography Images and Videos 

Step into a captivating realm where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary – our aerial photography and videography gallery offers a mesmerizing collection of stunning visuals captured from the skies of Kansas City, and the surrounding Kansas and Missouri area.  
Witness the heart-pounding excitement of motorsports, the rustic charm of farms, the pulsating energy of small towns and cities, and the breathtaking splendor of diverse landscapes. Explore a world of innovative perspectives, where each drone image and video unveils a unique story, inviting you to experience the extraordinary beauty that can only be truly appreciated from the unique angles that drones can provide.

All media is property of FacitAir.
Many of our photos and videos are available for purchase
at our stock photo and video store.  Please contact us for inquiries.

Real Estate Aerial Photography

Presenting real estate, acreage and commercial property with aerial drone photography and video for real estate, displays it with captivation.  Capturing the prospective buyers attention.

Aerial photos of a farm with soy beans

Drone photography for farming.

From altitude a drone can take photos that reveal lush healthy farm land, or it can be used to pin point troublesome areas that need attention.

Adrenaline Motorplex, Adrian Missouri from a drone camera

From high above Adrian Missouri.

Motorsports facilities often sprawl across vast acreage and can only be highlighted by a drone's aerial photography capabilities. 

Drone Photography of Humboldt Speedway, Humboldt Kansas

Humboldt Speedway, Humboldt Kansas.  When a national touring event travels from venue to venue, only a drone photographer can capture the trills with the grandeur they deserve.

Aerial Drone Photos of various subjects and skylines

Other photos and videos we have captured.  When your camera flies your photos and videos captivate the viewer.  Drone images change the prospective.  The possibilities become numerous with flying drone photographers.

Drone Photos of Kansas City

Kansas City Missouri, beautifully captured by our chief drone photographer.  Our FAA certified drone pilot puts quality, safety, and a tailored approach at top priority.

Aerial Photos of event venues, motorsport, and fairs

Mound City Kansas.  When your events venue has spectacular entertainment and sport to showcase, aerial drone photos and videos can enhance your patrons perception and showcase the magnitude of your events.

Drone Images of Electric City Speedway Butler Missouri

Electric City Speedway, Butler Missouri.  Dirt track speedway, as seen from above in a camera drones lens.  As a relatively new technology continues to develop aerial drone imagery is finding it's way into every corner of entertainment.

Drone Images from above 81 Speedway, Park City Kansas

81 Speedway, Park City Kansas.  As seen from the lens of a photography drone.  Recent developments in camera and drone technology open gates to how we document our events and activities.

Aerial Photos Pittsburgh PA, Drone Photo of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.  Seen from above through the prospective presented by a camera drone lens.  Our drone pilots are able to travel to the locations where you need aerial photos.

Aerial Drone Photos of I-70 Motorsports Park, Odessa Missouri

I-70 Motorsports Park, Odessa Missouri.  Drone video and photo tech has the capability to encompass and capture very large sporting venues.  Now your entire event can be documented at once from captivating aerial angles.

Aerial Photography of US-36 Raceway Osborn Missouri

US-36 Raceway, Osborn Missouri.

Dirt track raceway.  A weekend of aerial photography and drone video demonstrates how a relatively new technology will change event media coverage forever.

A Drone Photography shoot of Steven and Sara Wedding, Adrian Missouri

Steven and Sara's wedding in Adrian Missouri.  Wedding memories become  substantially more unique with high and low altitude prospective. Aerial drone photographs are perfect for this task.

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