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Elevating Marketing: FacitAir's Drone Pilot Photography Project for Kadean Construction Company

In the bustling heart of Lees Summit, Missouri, two new commercial and industrial distribution warehouses stand wide and tall, a testament to Kadean Construction Company's commitment to excellence. To showcase these marvels of modern construction, Kadean turned to FacitAir - Kansas City Aerial Photography, to find their drone pilot, Nathan, a leading provider of drone photography and videography services in the Kansas City greater metropolis. Their project not only highlighted the warehouses' grandeur but also underscored the value of aerial imagery in marketing materials.

Aerial Drone Pilot Photography of a new warehouse.
Kadean Construction Company, New Warehouse Build, Lees Summit Missouri.

Aerial photography and videography offer a unique perspective, allowing potential clients and investors to visualize the scale and scope of a property like never before. With drones, FacitAir captured stunning images and videos of the warehouses, showcasing their design, size, and proximity to key amenities and transportation hubs. These visuals serve as powerful marketing tools, helping Kadean attract prospective tenants and investors.

Aerial Drone Pilot Photography of Commercial Warehouse
Kadean Construction Company, New Warehouse, Lees Summit Missouri

One of the key challenges faced by FacitAir was ensuring the safety and professionalism of the drone flights, especially considering the warehouses' proximity to a municipal airport. Prior to each flight, the pilot meticulously planned the route, taking into account all safety regulations and guidelines. The pilot also coordinated with the Federal Aviation Administration to ensure that the drone operations did not interfere with any airport activities.

Aerial Drone Pilot Photography Service Photograph of New Warehouse
Kadean Construction Company, Commercial Warehouse, Lees Summit Missouri

FacitAir's professionalism and dedication to safety were evident throughout the project, earning praise from Kadean Construction Company. By leveraging drone technology, FacitAir not only delivered exceptional marketing materials but also demonstrated how aerial photography and videography can elevate the promotional efforts of companies in the construction and real estate industries. Check out the amazing review Adrienne left for Nathan on Thumbtack.

Drone Pilot 5-Star Review
Review on Thumbtack profile.

Now enjoy the gallery of immensely valuable aerial drone photography of these newly built commercial/industrial distribution warehouses.

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