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Aerial Farm Photography

Experience the best of both worlds with our premier Aerial Farm Photography and Video service. For crop scouting, our high-tech drones and cameras provide unparalleled insights into your fields, detecting early signs of issues and optimizing yields. Additionally, we capture the breathtaking beauty of your farm from a unique perspective, turning ordinary landscapes into extraordinary art pieces. Don't miss the chance to showcase your farm's splendor and boost productivity. Call us now to book a photo shoot and witness the full potential of your land from above.

Behold the Beauty of:

Aust Farms, Linn County Kansas. The aerial photographs of Aust Farms capture a mesmerizing landscape of lush green fields brimming with soybeans. From high above, the expanse of vibrant vegetation is a sight to behold, painting the countryside in a tapestry of emerald hues. The soybean crops stretch as far as the eye can see, forming intricate patterns and lines that create a stunning visual spectacle. These aerial shots showcase the agricultural prowess of Aust Farms, highlighting their dedication to sustainable farming practices and the bountiful harvest of one of the world's most versatile and nutritious crops.

Aust Farms

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