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Experience the beauty and pride of American freedom with "Eagles of the Freedom Sunrise." This stunning aerial photograph features a sunrise over the heartland, adorned with the American flag and majestic eagles. A fusion of drone and wildlife photography creates a unique display for any small town tavern, music venue, or home entertainment area.  Support local artists and showcase your patriotic spirit with this one-of-a-kind piece.  


The Eagles and the Sunrise were captured right here in Missouri, in Bates County, just outside of Amsterdam, by a local photographer and artist.  Show your support for small business and patriotism and get your own print today.  

Enjoy free shipping across the continental US and select from a range of customization options to suit your style. The watermark will be removed from your final print, ensuring a pristine and unobstructed view of the artwork.

Choose Your Media Option:

Canvas: Experience a touch of history with our matte-finish canvas media, reminiscent of the texture of the Constitution's original paper. It offers a more vintage, authentic feel.

Premium Glossy Photo: Opt for a modern, sleek look with our glossy high-shine media. Its smooth texture accentuates colors and sharpness, delivering the most detailed image quality.

Premium Luster Photo: has a luster or satin finish that offers a slight sheen without the intense reflectivity of a full gloss. The surface is slightly textured, which helps to enhance the depth and richness of printed images, making colors pop and details sharp.

Decide on Your Frame:

Print Only: Receive the print in a protective film, rolled up in a cardboard tube for safe transport.

Wood Framed: Enhance the print with a premium black wood frame, featuring real shatter-resistant glass and complete with mounting hardware. Alternative mounting wire is available upon request. This thicker frame is perfect for those seeking to accentuate the print with a substantial border.

Thin Framed: Opt for a subtler approach with our premium thin frame. Less than 2mm thick and equipped with shatter-resistant glass, it focuses attention on the print, minimizing distraction from a bulky frame.

Poster Hanger style:  Two thin black painted pieces of wood sandwich the edges of the print between them holding the print tightly at the top with a length of rope or leather attached for hanging, two more pieces of wood sandwich the bottom edge of the print to add weight to hold the image tight.  This presents the print in a unique poster style.

 "Eagles of the Freedom Sunrise" not only captures the essence of the American spirit, but it also speaks to the heart and soul of those who call the Midwest their home. Imagine this breathtaking scene greeting you each morning, a daily reminder of the strength, freedom, and resilience that courses through the veins of rural America. As the first light of dawn breaks over the horizon, reflecting off the majestic wings of eagles soaring high, it symbolizes the unwavering determination of our communities to rise above any challenge. This piece isn't just decor; it's a declaration of enduring values and a tribute to the land that sustains us. Bring a piece of that indomitable spirit into your space and let it inspire you every day.

These are printed and framed on-demand.   Meaning when your order is received, your print will be printed and framed in the order that your order was received.   Please allow us time to print, frame, package, and ship your item.  We will do our very best to fulfill orders as quickly as possible.   

Eagles of the Freedom Sunrise

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