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Title: A Drone-Infused Day Trip: Aerial Photography, Artismo Gallery, and FacitAir's Contribution to Topeka's Skyline

All photo's are copyright of FacitAir - Kansas City Aerial Photography, Friendly Affordable Computing LLC.


Embarking on a drone-centric day trip to Topeka, Kansas, turned out to be an exhilarating journey filled with Aerial Photography, Artismo Gallery, and the innovative touch of FacitAir's drone photography services. In this blog post, I'll guide you through the thrilling highlights of my day, from delivering my high-flying drone prints to Artismo Gallery to capturing a breathtaking winter sunset panorama with my Mavic 3 Pro.

Artismo Gallery and Bistro: Elevating Art with Aerial Photography

The day kicked off with a visit to Artismo Gallery and Bistro, nestled in the historic building constructed in the early 1890s. The aged walls provided a captivating backdrop for my Aerial Photography, creating a stunning contrast between contemporary drone imagery and the building's timeless architecture. Artismo Gallery was is just a testament to Topeka's thriving arts scene but also a celebration of the evolving intersection of tradition and modernity.

In the midst of this artistic fusion, it's worth mentioning that FacitAir, a leading provider of drone photography services, also contributes to Topeka's skyline. The collaboration between Artismo Gallery and FacitAir hinted at the exciting future of Aerial Photography in this historic space.

Gage Park: Chasing Sunsets with FacitAir's Mavic 3 Pro

After the gallery visit, I headed to Gage Park to spend quality time with my brother, Brian, armed with FacitAir's cutting-edge drone technology. Braving the winter temperatures, we comfortably sat in the car with the heater on, unleashing the Mavic 3 Pro into the sky. FacitAir's expertise in drone photography added an extra layer of excitement as we captured the mesmerizing winter sunset panorama.

This legendary shot, a result of FacitAir's advanced drone capabilities, marked a new milestone in my Aerial Photography journey, solidifying the day as an extraordinary exploration of the skies above Topeka.

Aerial view above Topeka Kansas Gage Park Winter Sunset
Winter Sunset Topeka's Gage Park 2024'

Family Bonding and Home-Cooked Comfort

As the evening descended, I headed to my old home, to the warm embrace of family. This is where I spent most of my time growing up in the heart of the United States, in a countryside suburb just outside the city limits of Topeka Kansas. A homemade lasagna dinner, skillfully prepared by my cherished mother, Linda, was the perfect reward for a day filled with drone adventures. I offered to my family, a father's choice of his favorite framed photo, "Beaming Butler Lake," an aerial photo captured by FacitAir's drone near Butler, Missouri, highlighted the potential of drone photography in preserving and enabling cherished memories.

Aerial view of Butler Missouri Lake.
Beaming Butler Lake

The Artistic Realm of Tyler

To conclude the day, my brother Tyler shared some of his mesmerizing abstract paintings, further emphasizing the artistic abilities of our family. I think Tyler's abstracts are comparative to the artworks used by music artists Pink Floyd and Tool. Injecting deep inner thoughts and imaginations into the realms of fascination and reality.


The day trip to Topeka, enriched with Aerial Photography, Artismo Gallery, and FacitAir's drone prowess, unfolded as a drone-infused adventure. From the historic walls of Artismo Gallery to the skies above Gage Park, every moment showcased the evolving landscape of Topeka's artistic and technological horizons. As I reflect on this unforgettable day, I am reminded that the true beauty lies not only in capturing the world from above but also in the seamless integration of art and innovation. Topeka, with its thriving arts scene and the buzz of drone activity, proved to be the perfect canvas for a day that blended tradition, modernity, and the limitless potential of Aerial Photography. The city I grew up in, Topeka Kansas is a venture for new pilots of manned aircraft, and for those of the unmanned counterparts. A large portion of the Topeka and Shawnee county area are covered by controlled airspaces, in the Kansas City center region.

Aerial prospective photograph of Topeka the Capital of Kansas.
Topeka Kansas Skyline. Kansas Capital.

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