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Mt. Washington and Shiloh Gastro. Pittsburgh PA aerial photography adventure.

Updated: Nov 4, 2023

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has always held a special allure for me, especially when it comes to capturing the city's enchanting nightscapes through the lens of my drone and creating mesmerizing time-lapse videos. One unforgettable evening, I embarked on a mission to get the perfect shots from the iconic Mt. Washington viewpoint. After an exhilarating ascent, I set up my equipment as the city's lights began to twinkle below. The breathtaking panoramic view was worth every step of the journey, and I eagerly anticipated the magical moments that awaited me. I could hardly wait to fly my drone in a place I've never flown before.

As I walked from Mt. Washington, my adventure took an unexpected turn when I stumbled upon "Shiloh Gastro" on Shiloh Ave. Inside, while savoring a delectable appetizer and a refreshing beverage, I learned the rich history of this charming building. Formerly a house and later transformed into a series of restaurants, the place holds a chilling legend: it's said to be haunted by a mysterious woman, possibly the original resident. My curiosity piqued, I explored the eerie tales and captured the enchanting ambiance of this haunted yet delightful restaurant, inviting you, dear readers, to experience the media I captured during this fascinating encounter. The juxtaposition of modern drone photography with the timeless mysteries of Shiloh Gastro makes for an unforgettable journey into Pittsburgh's captivating past and present.

After chatting with the incredibly friendly staff and one of the amazing owners, I had an idea. I asked Darry, one of the owners if he was aware of the value of aerial photography in featuring a business on their online media platforms and business pages. He was quick to jump on the opportunity I presented him. I would provide him with all the media, and would capture the street front of his magnificent resturant. He eagerly agreed and I proceeded with my mission.

Darry and I are now friends, we both felt blessed that we had met eachother. Take a look at some of the photos and videos from the adventure and be sure to visit Darry at Shiloh Gastro in Pittsburgh PA. Up on Shiloh ave on Mt. Washington.

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