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Adrenaline Motorplex: the evening of thrills and the unexpected. Aerial Video Kansas City.

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

At Adrenaline Motorplex — Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled adventure under the scorching summer night sky! Join us at the heart-pounding ATV, UTV, and Truck off-road racing event at the legendary Adrenaline Motorplex in Adrian, Missouri.

In this action-packed video, witness the daring racers push their limits and conquer challenging terrains, tackling treacherous obstacles in their powerful ATVs, UTVs, and Trucks.

The excitement is taken to new heights as our trusty DJI Mini 3 Pro Drone, brought to you by Friendly Affordable Computing, soars above the race track, capturing every heart-racing moment with stunning aerial footage.

But hang on tight, because this thrilling ride comes with a twist! Be prepared to witness a jaw-dropping UTV crash as one driver pushes the boundaries of speed and control. Thankfully, the driver is OK, proving the resilience and safety measures taken by these extreme off-road enthusiasts.

However, the action doesn't end there. As the drone attempts to capture all the excitement, an unexpected turn of events takes place when it crashes into a tree! Don't worry; our skilled pilots ensured no one was harmed, and we were able to retrieve the drone safely.

So, if you're a fan of heart-pounding off-road racing, high-flying drones, and some nail-biting moments, this video is a must-watch! Join us in celebrating the spirit of motorsports and the camaraderie of fellow enthusiasts as we take on the challenges of the Adrenaline Motorplex like never before. Buckle up and hit that play button to experience the thrills and spills of the Hot Summer Night ATV UTV and Truck off-road racing!

Very Special thanks to Adrenaline Motorplex and Nisha Page-Henry for having me to video the event.

FacitAir - provides Aerial Video Services in the Kansas City metropolitan area for many different categories of motorsports. As well as any other project you may have in mind. We will consider any mission and we are sure that we can help.

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