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A Spectacular Weekend(s) of an Aerial Photography Adventure: Linn County Fair and Rodeo 2023

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

The sun was high, the excitement palpable, and the drones were ready to take to the skies! This Aerial Photography Adventure at the Linn County Fair and Rodeo in 2023 was three days of exhilarating action, heart-pounding thrills, and unforgettable moments. And at the heart of it all was FacitAir, your go-to source for breathtaking aerial photography in the Greater Kansas City Metro area, Eastern Kansas, and Western Missouri.

Demolition Derby: A Crash Course in Entertainment

As the engines roared and the dust swirled, our drone soared above the demolition derby arena, capturing every crunch, smash, and collision. The spectacle of cars colliding in a cloud of dust and debris was a sight to behold, and our drones were there to catch every hair-raising moment from the best angles.

Outlaw Tractor Pulls: Raw Power on Display

The Outlaw Tractor Pulls showcased raw power and determination. As tractors strained against the weight on the sled, our drones were right there, capturing the intensity of the competition from the air. The roar of the engines, the spinning tires, and the crowd's cheers combined into a symphony of adrenaline, all perfectly preserved in our aerial photographs.

Rodeo: Cowboys and Cowgirls in Action

The rodeo, with its fearless cowboys and cowgirls, provided a thrilling climax to the day. Our drones hovered above the arena, catching every bull ride, barrel race, and calf roping with precision and grace. The combination of man versus beast, skill versus strength, made for some stunning aerial shots that truly encapsulated the essence of the rodeo.

FacitAir: Your Aerial Photography Experts

FacitAir is proud to provide unparalleled aerial photography services to the Greater Kansas City Metropolitan area, Eastern Kansas, and Western Missouri. Our team of experienced drone pilots and cutting-edge technology ensures that no moment is missed, and every event is captured in all its glory.

Whether it's capturing the chaos of a demolition derby, the power of tractor pulls, or the bravery of rodeo riders, FacitAir is your trusted partner in capturing memories from a whole new perspective. Contact us today to learn more about how we can bring your events to life through stunning aerial photography.

In 2023, the Linn County Fair and Rodeo left us with memories that will last a lifetime. And thanks to FacitAir's aerial photography, those memories are now preserved in breathtaking detail. Stay tuned for more aerial adventures, and let us take your events to new heights!

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